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In recent years a significant number of restaurants have incorporated wood fired ovens into their operation. The EARTHSTONE Model 90, 110, 130 and 160 set modern standards, and feature an advanced design in wood, gas and wood/gas fired ovens with its contemporary, modular and pre assembled commercial units.

EARTHSTONE has made a name for itself in the food service industry, providing high quality wood fired ovens to many of the nation’s leading multi-unit operators.

The commercial line of ovens are thoroughly designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of restaurant operators. The body cast is a 4 to 6 inch thick advanced high temperature refractory material with an 80% Alumina content to form a durable and efficient oven.

The 3 layer composite floor system is over 6 1/2″ thick, providing an exceptionally high amount of thermal mass to maintain even cooking temperatures. The cooking surface consists of our exclusive hearth floor tiles, “Pierre de Boulanger” (bakers tiles). These tiles are pressed at 8.500 p.s.i. and kiln fired at 2,800 degrees which ceramitizes the material to create a hard, extremely durable tile.

To reduce the possibility of unsightly stress cracks due to normal heat expansion and contraction, both the body pieces and floor tiles are cast and assembled individually which allow for continuous joints throughout the entire oven. In addition, this allows the ovens to be serviceable thus extending their usable life.

EARTHSTONE’s insulation method optimizes the heat storage capacity of the units making them very efficient and eliminates temperature fluctuations. The hearth openings are large which allows easy access and visibility to food without any noticeable heat loss.

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