Model 90

90-PA (Wood Fired)
90-PAG (Gas Fired)
90-PAGW (Gas & Wood Fired)

The Café-PA

The Café-PA (Wood Fired)
The Café-PAG (Gas Fired)
The Café-PAGW (Gas & Wood Fired)

Model 110

110-PA (Wood Fired)
110-PAG (Gas Fired)
110-PAGW (Gas & Wood Fired)

Model 90-Due’

90-Due’-PA (Wood Fired)
90-Due’-PAG (Gas Fired)
90-Due’-PAGW (Gas/Wood Fired)

Model 120-Naples

120-PA (Wood Fired)
120-PAG (Gas Fired)
120-PAGW (Gas/Wood Fired)

Model 130

130-PA (Wood Fired)
130-PAG (Gas Fired)
130-PAGW (Gas/Wood Fired)
130-PACB (Coal Burning)

Model 160

160-PA (Wood Fired)
160-PAG (Gas Fired)
160-PAGW (Gas/Wood Fired)
160-PACB (Coal Burning)


110-Due’-PA (Wood Fired)
110-Due’-PAG (Gas Fired)
110-Due’-PAGW (Gas/Wood Fired)
110-Due’-PACB (Coal Burning)


130-Due’-PA (Wood Fired)
130-Due’-PAG (Gas Fired)
130-Due’-PAGW (Gas/Wood Fired)
130-Due’-PACB (Coal Burning)
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