Model 160-PACB


Exterior Diameter: 86″
Height: 80″
Weight: 6,500 lbs.
Interior Diameter: 64″
Oven Entrance Opening: 27″W x 14½”H
Clearance to Combustible Sidewalls: 1″

Pizza Capacities:

  • 8″ Pizzas: 18-20
  • 12″ Pizzas: 12-13
  • 16″ Pizzas: 6-7


Gas Requirements:

  • N/A

Electrical Requirements:

  • 120 VAC/ 3 AMP

Ovens come standard with:

  • Factory finished gray paint
  • Mechanical Thermometer (0-1000F)
  • Coal Grate and combustion fan
  • Ash disposal chute and removable storage bin
  • Cast Aluminum door
  • Granite shelf
  • Hood cover (s/s or copper)
  • Shelf apron (s/s or copper)
  • S/S Flue adapter
  • Metal pizza peel
  • 5 year limited warranty

Custom options and finishes available

New York MEA No.: 207-98E


Model 160-PACB


The Model 160-PACB Oven has a 64″ interior cooking diameter and a 27″W x 14½”H oven entrance. The body parts are a cast 4 to 6 inch thick dense, high temperature refractory material with an 80% alumina content and additional special additives which stop deterioration from acids emitted by wood and coal combustion. The Model 160-PACB oven has a 1-inch side clearance to combustible materials.

The oven incorporates an innovative coal grate, air induction and removable ash disposal bin which is designed to enhance combustion.

Dial Temperature Gauge

Granite Shelf & S / S Apron


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